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James Rai Dip T. OHS

Date: 22nd November 2018

James Rai is a pragmatic Safety Advisor with a background in Kinesiology, Ergonomics and Rehabilitation. James achieved a Diploma in health & safety from BCIT to complement his skillset in 2015. He has implemented and worked with health and safety management systems in Facilities & Trades divisions, school boards, manufacturing plants, and most recently, property management companies.

James has been engaged with the Vancouver Airport Authority Property Management Group assisting with the implementation of a customized Safety Management System. This project required that James worked with the Senior Directors and management team to:

  • Provide immediate safety support for all stakeholders
  • Establish a Corporate Risk Registry
  • Develop a corporate safety manual
  • Develop a Tenant and Facilities safety manual
  • Develop guidelines for a Contractor Safety Management Program

What organizations need to do, in terms of health and safety, and what they’re capable of doing at this moment in time, are sometimes two different things. James carries on the philosophy of Pacific Safety of finding what works best for the individuals by thinking of real-world application of ideas.

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